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5 Things Every Salesperson Must Know

5 Things Every Salesperson Must Know

As a salesperson, you and your team might have been trying to figure out how to make more sales for your product. You might be struggling to keep up minimal revenue, but it seems to get more difficult. There‘s probably something you are not getting right.

Sales are not just about exchanging a particular product for a specific about of money. It goes way beyond that. It entails the model by which you sell yourself and the value you offer to your customers. People will not buy from you when you as a person are not even coordinated or presentable. That is where branding comes in. The way you package yourself, your business and your product go a long way to determining how many customers you will get, and if you will even get any at all.

In this article, I will highlight 5 sales techniques every salesperson must know, so as to generate more sales leads and make more money for the business.

Identifying prospects

Research can never be under-emphasized in the process of sales. You must first research and identify your prospective customers. Will it be companies or individuals? What kind of things interest them? What are their pain points? These are things you should take note of when considering your prospects. When you have a full understanding of your customer persona, you can then move on to other stages.

5 Things Every Salesperson Must Know

Building relationships

To show that you are human, you cannot avoid this technique while speaking with a prospect. When making sales calls, be a bit chatty and let them know you care about them.

You can even go-ahead to share a few interesting things about yourself as a person. It gives off this vibe of great rapport.


Presenting solutions

Remember that at the initial stage, you investigated your prospects, identifying their pain points and challenges. You also went ahead to initiate conversations with them, indicating you care about their needs. Now is the time to show that care. Physically, on phone and even via email, let your conversation be filled with excitement and confidence. Your prospects will know that you mean it when you say your product an solve their problems. Present your product as a solution in a calm and convincing way. Talk about it like it is the only remedy they need, but maintain honesty and calm.

Handling objections

Sincerely, it is not easy to receive a “no”. Not just in terms of sales, but in anything at all. However, as a salesperson, you should be able to handle the several NO’s and objections that will come from your prospects.

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