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Institute of Sales & Marketing Management of Nigeria (ISMMN)  in collaboration with Datalex Media presents Digital Marketing Master Class which offers you the opportunity to learn and Master Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, SEO, YouTube, Email, Facebook Marketing, Analytics & More!  – with a Diploma Certification in Digital Marketing which is recognized and wanted around the globe. 


Digital changes everything. Culture. Commerce. Community. And then digital goes and changes itself. Such is the rate of progress. Your ambition may be big and clear, but without the right digital skills, it is completely out of reach. And it’s not just about what you can do either – it’s also about what the world knows you can do.

The greatest professional challenge of the 21st century is staying relevant. Closely followed by communicating how relevant you are in that noisy, dynamic space where new meets now. However this Digital Marketing Master Class has come to help you stay relevant, one step ahead for the rest of your career and business.


  • Grow a Business Online From Scratch
  • Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer
  • Get Hired as a Digital Marketing Expert
  • Work From Home as a Freelance Marketer
  • Find your audience using the right media channel. Win hearts and minds and make your followers grow and grow and grow
  • Make your website visible to more humans thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques
  • Drive the right traffic to your website through smarter Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
  • Create compelling digital display campaigns
  • Capture, segment and manage subscribers for fruitful email marketing campaigns
  • Discover what works by measuring and optimizing social media campaigns. Then discover what works even better
  • Leverage mobile marketing for a precision micro-targeting edge
  • Create a cohesive digital marketing strategy for your business


Ask 3 simple questions to validate your business idea.

Build a world-class website in 1 hour without any coding.

Build a mailing list of 1000 people in 30 days from scratch

Writesales pages that make the cash register ring!

Get free traffic to your website with SEO.

Get free traffic to your website with SEO.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Avoid common mistakes and set up profitable campaigns first time.

Make money with Facebook Ads without spending a fortune

Improve your marketing with Google Analytics data

Digital Marketing Master-Class Training


  • Traditional marketers and marketing executives who want to play a bigger, sharper game
  • Marketing managers and senior management
  • IT managers
  • Business owners who may or may not want to stay ahead of their competitors
  • Career changers
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial
  • Graduates with no plans to wait around
  • Whoever needs to create and apply a digital marketing strategy for their organization
  • Anyone in marketing or business who wants to show the world what they can do

4 Weekends (Saturdays Only)

₦100,000. Early Birds ₦60, 000 (40% Discount)

Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, Lagos and Online.

8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th October 2022.

Diploma Certificate in Digital Marketing

How you will learn: We live our promise of new and relevant. ‘No point learning new stuff in tired old formats’. The user experience is smooth, practical, seamless and thought by experience facilitators with years of experience in the industry. Let it make you smart and happy on desktop, mobile or tablet. Learn more about Datalex Ltd