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The Common Business Website Mistakes You Should Avoid for Your Business in 2020

The Common Business Website Mistakes You Should Avoid for Your Business in 2020

The internet has become a new driving force for business, however, in other to make it very functional and help the business to attract, engage and eventually convert prospect as well as build confidence and loyalty of existing customer – a corporate web presence (website) must be optimized to enhance interaction and engagement. An optimized website also helps to increase your visibility online as well as search engine ranking – all of this means one thing, increase sales lead generation and of course business.

So the million naira question is: What are the common business website mistakes you should avoid In 2020? We’re glad you asked!
Below are info on the common business site mistakes you should avoid in 2020 – and how you can use them to keep your website looking fresh.

Without a main call to action, customers won’t know why they are visiting your website or what your company has to offer.
93% of small business websites do not display contact email addresses.
49% lack any phone numbers on their home page.

By taking design into your own hands, a business can cause itself headaches and risk having poorly designed sites.
41% of small business owners who plan to improve their websites say design/aesthetics is the top choice of action.

When you maintain your site yourself, you run the risk of wasting time you could be using to cultivate your business.
64% of businesses find the time necessary to update the website a major challenge.
25% say the cost of maintaining the site is a big hurdle.

Without metrics, businesses are unable to track their progress, their reach or their customers’ habits and needs.
75% did not use analytics tools to measure their websites or email marketing performance.
60% do not feel they have the tools needed to make sense of their site analytics or take to resolve issues.

Discoverability is important, helping potential customers find your company.
26% of small-business sites cannot be found in online searches because their website earns a Google Page Rank of zero or have no Google Page Rank.

Reaching out to customers on a regular base with product information is important to your cash flow.
90% of small-business sites do not have any structured online marketing campaign.

By allowing your customers to share their experience with your brand via social channels, you’re enabling information about your business to reach people you might not have otherwise targeted.
91% lack facebook widgets.
94% lack twitter widgets.

Most people today look at websites on their mobile devices, Without the technology to engage this group, small businesses are missing out on key consumers.
60% do not have mobile websites or know if their website is mobile-capable.

Without designated IT help, small businesses risk security breaches or costly mistakes. By going with Success Drives Limited, IT help is included with your website package.
44% of small business have been cyber attacked.

This 2020 give your clients and customers the tools they need to interact with your business and ensure you don’t make these same website mistakes.

Reap the true potential of owning a Professional website, including the biggest Return-On-Investment, by having real experts standing by to build/re-build for you.

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